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Apun Ka Choice: Hail Vishal Bhardwaj, the iconoclast of Indian cinema, the trail-blazer who redefined entertainment with his edge-of-the-seat roller-coaster ride called Kaminey that sucks a viewer into the dark, netherworld of Mumbai through a riveting story of twin brothers, similar in appearance but as different from each other as chalk is from cheese. Fasten your seat belts folks and cast that cola aside. You are about to land into the dirty damp world of Kaminey, populated by bookies, trigger-happy drug mafia, corrupt cops and power-hungry goons with political ambition. Kaminey is not a path-breaking film. Nor is it too cerebral or thought-provoking. It is a heady cocktail of art-house realism and Bollywood masala with a distinct Tarantino tang. It is pure entertainment like never presented before in Bollywood. Paifa Vafool Fun!

Bollywood Hungama:
Vishal Bhardwaj pays homage to cinema of yore and that’s reason enough to go out and grab tickets for one of the most keenly anticipated films of our times. Kaminey is bold, stark, funny and unpredictable and that’s what works in its favour. One has to be attentive, very attentive to grasp the goings-on and also the twists in the tale. Kaminey is a film with an attitude. Like it or leave it, but you’d never be able to ignore it. Word from the wise: Go for this hatke experience!

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