Delhi Belly 2 in the pipeline?

July 20, 2011 · 0 comments

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Delhi Belly

The moment a film hits the bull’s eye, becoming a hot fav of moviegoers, everyone expects the maker to announce a sequel pronto. In fact, the makers also think on those lines because it’s easier to lure the audiences once the brand gets established.

Now everyone’s hoping that Aamir Khan makes a sequel to Delhi Belly. In fact, the media feels, and rightly so, that Delhi Belly has achieved a cult status and Aamir ought to make a sequel soon.

However, Abhinay Deo (the director of Delhi Belly) feels there’re no plans for a sequel currently. “Akshat Verma (the writer of Delhi Belly) took six years to write the film. I don’t think he will be ready with a sequel so soon. Jokes apart, there’s no sequel on the cards yet,” he clears the confusion.

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