Neha Dhupia is the Julia Roberts of India!

June 8, 2009 · 0 comments

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We thought, these kinda instances happen only in films like Notting Hill, when a common man (Hugh Grant) proposes to a movie star (Julia Roberts) in the middle of a press conference.

But this dreamy lovely instance was brought to life recently, when our Neha Dhupia, too, was proposed in a press conference by a common man!

Here’s how this happened.

While promoting a brand recently – giving interviews and media bytes – Neha was surprised, when a young lad among the crowd shouted, “Neha, I love you!”

Neha did not know who it was, till she saw this young lad, screaming on top of his lungs and expressing his love for the actress!

Here’s a video of that famous scene from the movie Notting Hill, which inspired that young chap to propose to Neha.

Well, unlike Notting Hill, Neha and the media broke into a loud laughter. We are sure, Neha must have enjoyed the experience!

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