Shilpa Shetty talks about her Birthday, Raj Kundra & her various projects

June 8, 2008 · 0 comments

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Success suits Shilpa ShettyInternational recognition, Big Brother and Hollywood projects in her kitty later, Shilpa is positively glowing and looking more svelte too!

Now is that because it is her birthday today or a certain Mr Raj Kundra in her life?

Read on…

“The reason is that I have decided to celebrate my birthday with a much-deserved family vacation in Dubai. I have been so busy travelling the whole of last year that I got no time for my family. So, I am on a break,” answers Shilpa.

And she still wants to maintain a silence on Raj Kundra, the special guy in her life?

“I can’t say that I am single anymore. Yes, I am committed. But I like to keep my personal life personal. However, I am also a very forthright person. So whenever I finalise anything in regard to marriage, I will let everyone know.

I can’t think of marriage right now because I have too much work on hand. While marriage will be a very happy occasion for me, it is not going to happen in the near future,” she says with a smile.

What is the work which is keeping her so busy?

I have released my Yoga DVD, launched my website, started work in my production house, I am shooting for The Man with Sunny Deol…” Shilpa says, pausing for breath.

And what happens to her much hyped international projects?

“There are a couple of films that I am interested in doing but I really don’t have dates to fit them in my schedule this year. But I am doing one international movie Hanuman with Keanu Reeves, but I don’t know when the shooting for the movie will start. There is another international project meant for the festival circuit. However, again there are some date problems,” she says.

But the role she is reveling in these days is that of a producer.

“This is a gradual progression for me, with the idea of producing films that I want to watch. I may make two or three films a year, depending on the scripts I get. It is not important that I act in these films. In fact, it is just a coincidence that I am acting in my first home production, with two other actresses. It is an action film,” she says.


But Shilpa feels she is still to get her due as an actress and a Bollywood person.

“I sometimes laugh at some of the perceptions that people have of me. I am a very positive person and I try and stay away from negativity. I have heard people say that, ‘Oh what has Shilpa Shetty done here in Indian cinema? She hasn’t done anything great!’ and I am like, ‘God, I can’t do anything more than this!’ But what I am really glad about is that the west has woken up to Indian cinema.

India is now seen with respect abroad and I am not saying that I am the reason for it, but maybe I am a catalyst. I don’t need to prove a point to anyone about anything. Whatever work I have done, I am proud of it and I know it has been good. And I intend to continue this for as long as I am in the industry,” she says.

Bollywood Buzz wishes Shilpa Shetty a very Happy Birthday!

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